Welcome to Yoga Teachers Together

Yoga Teachers Together is a new organisation for Yoga Teachers and Teacher Training Schools. We are an independent organisation set up by a team of Yoga Teachers and Teacher Trainers.

We are here to offer support, provide registration for Yoga Teachers and Teacher Training Schools, and to advocate on your behalf wherever the views of independent Yoga Teachers need to be heard.

Our Register, which schools and individual teachers from any tradition can apply to join, provides guidance for students seeking classes or courses and gives teachers the opportunity to showcase their work and training. We support our members by ensuring their views are heard in all important debates around yoga, organising events to bring people together and responding to queries and requests for advice. 

If diversity within the yoga community, strong advocacy for teachers and respect for the core values of yoga are important to you too, we would love you to join us.

Meet the team part 1: Kay

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We are now accepting registration applications. We accept 4 different types of applications:

Yoga Teachers from any style or tradition 
Yoga Elders with 10+ years teaching
Yoga Teacher Training Schools run by Yoga Elders
Trainee Teachers from a YTT-registered school

We look forward to welcoming you to YTT and helping to build a supportive and resilient community of Yoga Teachers & Trainers.

"I joined YTT because it’s an independent, not-for-profit organisation run by yoga teachers for yoga teachers. For me, it’s important to be registered with a professional body to ensure that I'm upholding best standards of practice in my work with students. I also want to know that someone has my back if issues arise concerning the welfare and working conditions of yoga teachers. The standards for registration with YTT are rigorous at every level – and membership costs are very reasonable. It's also a vibrant community of interesting & committed yoga teachers. What’s not to like?!"

Jess Glenny, YTT Elder and author of The Yoga Teacher Mentor,
Hypermobility on the Yoga Mat, and Ravelled Up
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