About us

Yoga Teachers Together is an independent organisation set up by a team of Yoga Elders and Teacher Trainers. We are here to provide you with a real alternative for yoga teacher registration and teacher training school registration.

What do we offer?

  • Simple and affordable registration for Yoga Teachers & Yoga Elders. We welcome teachers from all traditions and styles of yoga.
  • Registration for Yoga Teacher Training Schools & their Trainees. With support & feedback, we are here to guide you through registering and establishing your teacher training course. We also offer resources to help your Trainees get insured to teach.
  • Investment back into the Yoga Community. Yoga Teachers Together is a Community Interest Company. This ensures that we are committed to supporting Yoga Teachers and the wider Yoga Community & guarantees that the majority of our profits are invested back into the company for the benefit of the whole yoga community.
  • An Experienced Board of Directors. Membership of Yoga Teachers Together gives you access to support from 5 highly experienced directors with skills in business & finance, marketing, website design, event hosting, education, advocacy & safeguarding. All our Directors are either yoga teachers or run yoga training schools. We know what you need as it’s what we need too.

Why register with Yoga Teachers Together?

The truth is you don’t legally need to register with any yoga organisation, but here’s what we love about being part of Yoga Teachers Together:

  • It feels good to be part of a community with all the many different kinds of support that brings.
  • It feels right that the pricing structure is fair, affordable and transparent with profits going back into the yoga community.
  • It’s reassuring having the backing of a professional organisation that advocates for independent, yoga teachers.
  • It’s empowering for Yoga Teacher Training Schools to flourish, unbounded by ideology or dogma; yet guided through the lenses of honesty, truthfulness and self enquiry to continually reflect, refine and improve.
  • It’s reassuring for potential Yoga Teacher Trainees to know the course they choose is annually assessed and recognised by a panel of experienced Yoga Teacher Training School Directors and that they have an organisation to support them throughout their training and beyond.
  • It’s reassuring for us all to know that we are held in a safe and supportive framework with clear and transparent policies and procedures which safeguard and support everyone within our community.
  • It’s really exciting to be a part of something new and help create a new organisation that we are proud to be affiliated with.
  • To help preserve diversity in yoga. Registering with Yoga Teachers Together is a celebration of yoga as self-enquiry, which inevitably leads to many different expressions. As we are a non-prescriptive CIC, your registration allows the rich tapestry of yoga to flourish.