Our Mission Statement

The YTT Register exists to:

1) Support yoga teacher trainers in training safe, effective and responsible yoga teachers by:

  • 1.1. providing a registration procedure that encourages trainers to reflect upon how sensitivity to and avoidance of potential harm can be cultivated and honestly applied throughout their teaching and their trainee’s teaching.
  • 1.2. providing a peer-based group assessment of the suitability of each course for inclusion on the YTTC Register by triangulating the lenses of ahimsa, (non-harm) satya (truthfulness) and svadhyaya (self-enquiry).

2) Signpost potential trainee yoga teachers toward safe, effective and responsible YTT courses by:

  • 2.1. only featuring courses meeting the registration criteria on the YTT website.
  • 2.2. constantly refining and improving the YTT website to increase the online visibility of courses registered by our members.
  • 2.3. providing each YTT trainer with the YTTC quality stamp to use in their marketing.

3) Provide the public with access to safe, effective and responsible yoga teachers by:

  • 3.1. providing each graduate of a YTT registered course with space on the YTT website and the YTT quality stamp to use in their marketing.

4) Establish and maintain a supportive and stable legal framework within which diverse YTT Schools, their trainees, and their trainees future students can thrive by:

  • 4.1. supporting YTT members with advice and community events.
  • 4.2. independently advocating for our members interests whenever & wherever we are called upon to do so.